ECDL- European Computer Driving Licence is the international standard in end-user computer skills. ECDL certification programmes consist of modules which define the skills and competencies necessary to be a proficient user of a computer and common computer applications. Each ECDL module provides a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.


ECDLBasic program includes seven modules:

  1. Module 1 - Concepts of Information and Communication Technology
  2. Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
  3. Module 3 - Word Processing
  4. Module 4 – Spreadsheets
  5. Module 5 - Using Databases
  6. Module 6 – Presentation
  7. Module 7 - Web Browsing and Communication


Each moduleis separately validated by test. First module requires theoretical knowledge of ICT, other modules are focused on practical knowledge and skillsand test issuesrelated to solving examples in practice.